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March 31, 2010

American Idol

   What the heck happened last night?!  For weeks, we've been hearing fairly boring performances and a rare few songs that were actually worth the listen.  Sandra and I have been working on homework during the show and having conversations about other things during most of the performances.  Then last night it was like, "Hey this is a singing contest, maybe I shouldn't suck!"  We actually enjoyed almost all the performances!

   Probably our highlight of the night was Andrew Garcia who sang the Chris Brown song Forever.  I've been so tired of hearing about his performance of Paula Abdul and making this song acoustic like this was brilliant. You might remember it from the wedding dance video that was so popular on Youtube, or if you are a fan of The Office, you might remember Jim and Pams wedding.  He made the song acoustic and did an awesome job!  It was nice to hear him get back to what made us like him in the Hollywood rounds. 

   Lee Dewyze was right there next to him though.  He sang Cornelius Brothers song Treat Her Like a Lady and did a fantastic job of connecting with the crowd and bringing a lot of passion to the song.  Sandra and I are all about the raspy tone of his voice and he is probably our favorite male performer at this point.  It's odd considering I really didn't like him at all in the earlier performances.  He is definitely improving as the season goes on.

   The only female performer we enjoy anymore is Crystal Bowersox.  Last night, she broke away from the guitar and played piano for her rendition of Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and the Pips.  It was pretty obvious she was more nervous behind a piano than a guitar, but her vocals rocked once again.  She will definitely have a career in singing in the future, regardless of how she does on American Idol. 

   So what did you think?  Anyone really stand out for you or let you down this week?  I'm ok with most of the people getting voted to go home, but would love to see Tim Urban or Aaron Kelly hit the road sooner than others.  Let me know your thoughts!