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March 29, 2010


   If you are paying any attention lately you've probably heard of Chatroulette.  The idea is pretty basic.  You go to the website and click on the "new game" button, where you are randomly connected to a video chat with someone else from the site.  I'd heard a number of things about the site, but wanted to find out for myself.  I asked Sandra if she'd be willing to try it with me, so we logged on!  Of course, I sat on the floor and Sandra was on the couch behind me, making sure that she was never visible on the screen.  Here's how our experience went.

   Honestly, at first I was a little nervous to show my face on the screen because I wasn't sure what to expect.  Needless to say, I got over that fast.  Once I clicked "new game" it took a minute for someone else to pop up on the little screen.  Then when they finally did, the first four or five just disconnected immediately.  The first time I actually got to chat with someone, it was some random guy who asked where I was from, said he was from Turkey and then disconnected.  So far I was pretty unimpressed.

   So when my next conversation started, I asked the guy if he was from Turkey.  Ricardo looked confused and told me he was from Chile.  I let him know that I was glad he survived the earthquake.  We actually chatted a bit and Sandra and I couldn't help but laugh at the look on his face when he found out I had three kids.  Turns out the guy is an artist and he showed me some of his work.  It was pretty good.

   The funny chat of the night goes to the next dude.  His picture popped up and it was a closeup of his face, and he was wearing headphones and a bandanna tied over his face.  My first thought was, "PEDOPHILE" at which point he made a little gun with his finger and types "GIMME YO MONEY THIS IS A STICKUP."  Then we talked about the music he was listening to, at which point he noticed Sandra moving behind me on the couch.  She was holding out the remote control changing channels and he warned me that someone was holding a remote to my head and trying to control my thoughts.

   The last chat was with a 15 year old girl from Long Island.  Once I learned she was 15, I felt creepy myself and hit the next button.  She was very focused on doing her hair for some reason, even though it was 11 on a Sunday night where she was from, and said she had no plans to go out.  She told me she was bored and I said I was too, which is why I tried chatroulette for the first time.  She gave me warning that I'd see a lot of guys touching themselves, but that I'd get used to it.

   I have to say that she was right.  Not that there were tons of them, but for sure, after the first one, I was sure I'd seen too many!  The site itself is actually pretty fun.  There is ZERO chance I'd ever let my child get on the site, but for an adult, it was pretty cool.  Sandra and I both had a fun time talking with random people less the creepy stuff.  If I can convince her to be on camera with me, I think it would be really fun to try again.  If we do, maybe I'll get to post some interesting conversations.  Have you ever tried the site?  How did your experience go?  Were you willing to keep logging in after your first try?


shellycoulter said...

I've never even heard of it. Sounds kind of creepy. Although the bandana guy sounds funny. But the idea that he has put the much thought into talking to people on this site is creepy too. And why did he have his face covered?

Glad it was entertaining. I think I've told you before that having that webcam there kind of freaks me out to begin with. :)