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March 31, 2010

Death of the mix tape

   How many of you ever made a mix tape when you were younger?  Maybe not even  younger, maybe you do it now, but it seems that is now the rare experience.  I remember as a kid listening to Q98 in Cheyenne and keeping the radio near me so that I could hit the record button on my cassette when some awesome song came on.  Sometimes on Friday or Saturday night, I'd set it to just record as much of the show as possible on one cassette and then use that to make mix tapes of the songs I liked. 

   Of course there were times I'd make mix tapes for that special someone in my life.  I'd seek out and find some of the good romance songs from my parents collection, or some cool romantic song by Boyz 2 Men or whatever, and copy them to a tape - which eventually became copying to a CD.  Then I would leave the CD in a girls locker in junior high.  More likely, I gave it to a friend of hers asking her to deliver it because I would be too scared to actually walk up to a girl.  Later I would learn to hand it off myself or leave it on a car with a note that inevitably made some girl think I loved her, and only her, and wanted her hand in marriage...but really I just wanted to make out. 

   Then I started thinking about Sandra and how cool it would be to make her a mix CD or something, but realized that it couldn't happen.  The alarm clock radio CD thing in my room plays CD's and our van has a CD player, but she has no easily accessible way to listen to the thing.  Sure she could sit in our bedroom or in the van and play it, but with three little kids running around in constant need of things, how practical is that?  She uses an ipod like almost everyone else I is the solution not a mix CD but a mix playlist?  How do you gift something like that? 

   With the increase of digital music, is it possible that my children are going to grow up having never made or received a mix tape?  Is that experience going to be completely dead by the time my daughter is in junior high? Don't get me wrong, I am not ready for some punk kid like I was back then to be trying to woo my daughter or anything, but I still want her to have those cool experiences and memories like I did.  I wonder what other things I did as a youth that my kids will never experience?  Any other ideas?


Scott said...

I imagine it will become the mixed playlist, made up of songs downloaded from iTunes. They'll never learn the skill of anticipating songs coming on the radio and requiring the quick-draw skills on the record button, though.