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March 1, 2010

The February Highlights

   So I want to make it a habit of updating about my annual goals and progress on the first of each month and share just a little big about the month for the Kelly's.  Spending more quality time with the kids is something I struggled with for a long time.  I think working a full-time job at the University and then serving as Youth Pastor at Emmaus didn't allow much time for that.  What little time I got, I never spent it in a "quality" way with the kids.  This has been a rather fun goal to work on.  I have found myself spending a lot more time reading books with the kids, watching their favorite shows and make it a point to ask more about their days.  I think I can see a difference in how my kids are relating to me.  Even this morning, my son asked me to work on some puzzles with him and instead of finding an excuse, we worked on them!  He is an early riser and I start a movie for him while I shower, but when he asks me to stay and watch with him, I try to do it unless I really need to get ready.  Emerson is making lots of pictures and cards for me which is awesome.  I love to hang them on my desk at work and brag about how well she writes and how great she is at art.  I need to post a blog of some of her artwork.  She's really good for five.  Landen is always the sweetest baby and has been willing to cuddle with me lately.  I love this goal and will keep working on it. 

   I've done a pretty poor job this month on the sarcasm and spending time with other people.  Being honest, I don't think I've felt more isolated from my family and people I call my friends as this past month has been.  It's been great hanging out with Sandra though and having more time together.  I've also been working (mostly) on losing more weight.  I made a goal this year of losing 85 pounds and made it more attainable by aiming for 7 pounds per month.   Last month I lost 7.4 pounds and finished at 327.6.  As of this morning, I weighed in at 319.8 which put this months total at 7.8!  I have to give some credit to a little stomach bug that is still giving me trouble though.  I think Landen might have gotten a little of something too though, because he has been throwing up lately.  Saturday night, Sandra went to check in on him before we went to bed (like usual) but this time, he was sitting quietly in his crib and looked over at her - unfortunately, he had thrown up on everything!  That was a rough night to say the least.  

   I really thought I had a job lined up that would allow us to stay put for a while and keep Sandra at home with the kids, but God thought otherwise.  I'm still trusting that He knows what is best for my family and will provide the job that I need.  We are definitely open to staying in Laramie, but ready to move if that is what He calls us to do.  On a side note, I'm excited because we finally signed up for vision insurance and I'll be getting my first new pair of glasses in six years.  We've also spent the past two months without a church home.  I'm amazed at how comfortable and easy it is to not go somewhere on Sunday.  It needs to happen though.  I miss being a part of a church and so do the kids.  We keep saying we'll start looking this week, but now it's time to put some action to those thoughts.  Thanks for being on this journey with us!