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March 21, 2010


   My dad left somewhere around the time I was 11 years old.  Not long after, Granny (my mom's mom) moved from North Carolina to come live with us and help take care of me and my sister.  I'm about to turn 30 which means that she was one of the more consistent people in my life.  She's always been a great support through so many different stages of my life, always offering encouragement and even going as far as helping me through college by paying for all my groceries for several years.

   It's also fun to talk about her with friends around Christmas and birthday times because who else could say they bought the Highlander movies or the latest Terminator film for their 70+ year old grandmother?  She also has what you might call an unhealthy liking of the SciFi Channel.  It isn't that I don't like watching bizarre movies about a giant worm that attacks people or cheesy alien encounter stuff, but it isn't my first choice.

   Anyway, I just wanted to ask people to pray for her.  She's in the hospital again and is losing blood somehow.  They've checked a number of things and confirmed she is losing blood, but have no idea why.  I told my mom yesterday that she needs to check Granny out of the hospital and check her in to Poudre Valley Hospital down in Fort Collins.  Yeah, she can't be with her like she is when she's in Cheyenne, but we've not had a lot of luck with the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center in the past.  I'm thinking the time she'd sacrifice in daily visits would more than make up for her actually getting fixed and back home so much sooner.  We'd all appreciate the prayers so that she can get better and be home again. Love you all!


Whitney said...

I will be praying. I'm sorry that's happening, it's no fun!