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March 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

   Today is St. Patrick's Day.  This is my mother's favorite holiday.  We have actually gone as far as to get her cards and a cake just because it was St. Patty's Day.  So first, I want to give a little shout out to my mom!!!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

   It was also one year ago today that I started my job in Accounts Payable at the University of Wyoming.  I had been without work for many months dealing with a back injury.  I had not had much luck in finding a position and the university didn't seem too keen on helping get me in another role.  This one worked out although I'm still not sure if it was because I was the best one for the job or because HR helped out. 

   I still remember the first day pretty well though.  I walked in that morning dressed up a bit because I didn't really know what to expect, and there were people there wearing pajama pants.  Maybe not people, but one person.  Everyone else was decked out in green and as you've come to expect from my previous posts - we were having a potluck.  

   It took a while for me to really come to understand the dynamics of the office.  Of course, I filled my role as the twenty something internet nerd who throws out sarcasm multiple times a day, all in effort to brighten others' day.  Here's to hoping this year will be better than the last!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Jon!! I am glad I was coheres into hiring you!! You have been great and fit in to this office very well!

Awe the green food!!!

shellycoulter said...

At lunch today I asked Matt, "What kind of crazy food do you think they're eating in JOn's office today?" :)
:) Good times!