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March 16, 2010

Jogger Killed By Plane Was Listening To iPod

Jogger Killed By Plane Was Listening To iPod - News Story - WFTV Orlando

Check out the link to the story about a guy who was hit from behind when a plane's engine failed and was killed. The story says that it was a small plane and that the pilot's window was covered with oil so he couldn't see when trying to land. Essentially, the plane was gliding in. I'm thinking realistically would this guy had even been able to run out of the way or something?. Still it is pretty sad and a little reminder to not always have your headphones in. You never know if someone else might have seen it coming and yelled for him to duck or something. I admit that I've driven with headphones on before and I'm sure that I could miss the sirens easily and be the reason a paramedic is delayed in saving someone's life. It also makes a lot more sense why in a previous job where I could wear headphones, they'd only let me wear one. Either way, random story. Good night!