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March 18, 2010

Lenten Reflections Day 26

   Life isn't about me.  Does anyone else have trouble grasping that idea sometimes?  I know God isn't there to just make my life all rainbows and butterflies, but to some extent, I still think we expect God to "take care" of us.  Today's Lenten reflection helps remind me that I have a new purpose and new freedom through Christ.  This needs to impact how I live every day and often it doesn't.   Any thoughts on how this should be lived out?

The Book of Acts

God says, what My Son began through His birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension, He now continues.

You are not alive in this world in order to experience Me or to enjoy the blessings of a comfortable life. If that were My purpose, I'd have brought you into My Presence in heaven the moment you were forgiven and adopted into My family.

Your purpose until you die is to reveal a new attitude toward suffering and a new agenda in prayer that flows out of your new purpose in life that makes sense only if you claim your new hope of resurrection.

You are now free from slavery to the demands of self: for recognition, for life to go as you want, for good health and prosperity, for freedom from emptiness, and for the experience of fullness.

You are now free to advance the only plan whose promise of joy will be kept.

You are now free to tell people the full message of this new life.

You are now free to really live!


Jennifer Hamilton said...

I disagree with the statement "you are not in this world to experience me or the blessings of a comfortable life". Maybe that is not to be the AIM of our life here on earth, but without experiencing God here and now and enjoying the blessings that God has graciously bestowed upon us...what's the point? That would mean that enjoying our children, enjoying our friends on a trip to Vegas was what, futile? Sinful? Selfish?

Jon Kelly said...

Great point! Maybe it should say something like we are not ONLY here to experience, but also...of course our trip was completely sinful though! Drinking, gambling, tobacco, Hooters! :-)