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March 19, 2010

March Madness

   I was never big into sports growing up.  I've also never really watched much in the way of the NCAA tournament each spring, although I might read enough news sites to know who is actually playing in the Final Four.  I work at, and attended, the University of Wyoming which hasn't really done much in the way of major tournament play either.  There was never a major draw to watch. 

   This year, that is all changing.  I still do not like the NBA.  Ever since the Bulls were dismantled, I just get annoyed at the attitude and the interest in what seems to be a desire to be a star rather than play on a team.  Even though they are not far from possibly becoming professionals, college athletes still seem to just enjoy playing the game.  There are people who are good, but it never feels like one person is trying to showboat.  Yesterday, I was lucky enough to let the games run on my computer while I was working so I could listen to them and occasionally tab over to check scores.  I also did my first ever bracket!

   I have no real idea how to pick teams and my first day kind of showed that a bit.  As of day one, I'm only 10 for 16 picks.  There ware only a couple big surprises in my book, and that was BYU beating Florida.  Having been to the tournament seven times before and never making it past the first round, I didn't think they had much of a shot this year.  The other was having Murray beat Vanderbilt.  Seriously, I don't even know who Murray is.  I'd have to search them out on Wikipedia to get any information on them.  I suppose that Georgetown getting downed by Ohio was another shocker - but then again, I only picked Georgetown because they were ranked higher and in elementary school I had one of their tshirts because it had a bulldog on it. 

   Needless to say, I'm having a fantastic time with all this.  I'd almost be willing to take time off work next year to be able to hang out at home and watch the games, but only if my friends also took off too.  Not that it isn't exciting sitting around a house by yourself watching college basketball.  I hope you took the time to pick a bracket this year, and if not, there's always next year.  You really don't have to be a sports freak to have a good time with it.  If you want to check out my bracket, feel free.  Here's a link.