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March 8, 2010


   I received a newsletter through campus mail this morning for the UW Libraries.  Someone probably took a lot of time getting that together.  A lot of time spent writing, editing, finding the perfect pictures...but the first though that went through my head was about Cheyenne Frontier Days.  I know I say a lot of stupid things on this blog, but please bear with me.  I opened it and scanned through quickly to see if Matt happened to write anything in it, or if he might be in a picture or something, but he wasn't.  At that point, the paper went direclty to my recycle stack. 

   Frontier Days you's a little like the newsletter is the bull and I'm the rider and rather than wanting to buck me off, they want me to stick around for more than eight seconds.  I'm sure they spent an obscene amount of money putting it together, but seriously, wouldn't it be much more effective to put it out as an e-newsletter or something.  Not to mention the cost of actually getting it printed.  They're not reaching the audience like they think either way, so they might as well save the money.  It is a little funny coming from a guy who worked at a church for four and a half years with the majority of my income being donated by people reading my own newsletters.  If I'm ever in that situation again, I'll think about this newsletter and make sure to keep mine in the "e" format and also very brief!