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March 30, 2010

Time to get LOST

   My kids have noisemakers in their bedrooms to help them sleep at night.  You know the kind that just play white noise so you aren't distracted by other noises going on around the house.  I was thinking that perhaps I should get something to help me sleep at night too.  I don't necessarily want white noise though.  I want something a little more exciting.  Something that might help me to have some really intense dreams about flying on a plane and crashing on a deserted island, only to discover that the island isn't deserted and has actual magical powers and secret people who make lists and fight off big black smoke monsters!  I'm thinking about getting the Lost soundtracks.  Maybe they will help unlock some cool mystery in my sleep or make me smarter?!  Feel free to gift them to me if you want.  Hope you enjoy Lost tonight...I know I will.

Lost (Original Television Soundtrack)Lost : Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack)
Lost: Season 3 (Original Television Soundtrack) [2-Discs]Lost: Season 4 (Original Television Soundtrack)