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April 7, 2010

American Idol

   So I won't be posting videos of the performances today...but I'll tell you what I thought.  The more I listen to Lee, the more I like him.  Last night he performed Hey Jude, and I definitely could have gone without the bagpipes though.  What was he thinking with that one?  Ellen had it right when she commented about the guy who got lost from his parade.  They just didn't seem to fit and it was bizarre.  His voice is great though and it's really nice to see him coming out of his shell a bit and having fun performing. 

   Crystal Bowersox also went for the strange factor and added a didgeridoo to her performance of Come Together.  It worked a little better than the bagpipes did, but probably not by much.  Overall, it was a pretty lame week for her and wasn't very inspiring.  I also want to know why none of the judges brought up the fact that she forgot the words to the song.  I can't be the only one who noticed that, but they gave her a free pass.  Boo!

   Sandra and I also really enjoyed Katie and Casey's performances.  They both did a pretty good job, but I wouldn't be willing to bet either of them had any shot of making it to the finale.  In fact, I'd say Katie could be in jeopardy of leaving again tonight, along with Aaron Kelly and Tim Urban.  I'd be good with any of them hitting the road....especially Aaron.  Who did you like?