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April 21, 2010

American Idol

   Inspirational Songs - that was the theme last night.  I think that pretty much everyone did a good job in song choice, except for Big Mike.  That Spiderman song just doesn't do it for me in terms of inspiration.  When he first said Hero, I was thinking Mariah Carey so at least his choice was better than that!  The issue last night was execution.  Crytsal did what she does again while singing People get ready, and it was pretty awesome.  I really loved how she started out completely a capella and that she came out without an instrument and we could just hear her sing.  She did an awesome job and has zero chance of going home this week.

   I also dig Lee.  That guy has probably become my new favorite.  It isn't that I like Crystal, but there's something about his voice that is just really cool.  I think that maybe it has been this process of watching him realize that he is actually a good singer and come out of his shell that makes me like his performances.  It's been a fun process and I'll buy his album and Crystals so I'm not complaining.  He also sang the Simon and Garfunkel's The Boxer which is an awesome song. 

   Siobhan was torn into by the judges for choosing When You Believe which was originally done by Mariah Carey and by Whitney Houston.  The girl isn't trying to be them, but she did an awesome job on the song.  The kicker for me was in the middle of the song when she had the option to do her screechy thing, but chose to keep it simple.  It was really a great performance and I think the judges got this one wrong. 

   As for the rest of the crew, I'd be ok with any one of them leaving tonight.  I'm thinking the previous three plus Mike will all be safe and the bottom three will be filled in with Casey, Aaron and Tim.  I don't care who goes home at this point because they all need to.  What did you think about the show last night?  Anyone really stand out for you?  Anything you think I'm wrong about?  Leave a comment with your thoughts!


Anne said...

The only thing I would disagree on would be Mike and Casey. Although Mike has a nice voice, I don't see anything outstanding or different about it. He's just loveable... kind of like Rubin Stoddard was/is. Of the two, Casey has the stronger and more appealing voice. Casey does however, need to put himself out there more, be a little less predictable.