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April 28, 2010

And so the Lap Band journey begins

   I had my first appointment yesterday for the Lap-band.  This was actually the start of six months of medically supervised weight loss.  I was pretty excited to start this process because I have to meet monthly with a nurse practitioner and a nutritionist/dietitian.  After the first visit, I have to admit I was a little disappointed.

   I think I was expecting to hear a lot of good advice about proper eating and probably even a plan of what I should eat in order to lose some weight in the six months or so before the surgery would take place.  The nurse talked about healthy choices and some of the issues in my medical past.  She also talked a bit about what kinds of changes usually result from the surgery.  She was very nice and easy to talk to...especially since you're sharing a whole lot of really personal and potentially embarrassing information.  Then I went to talk to the nutritionist.

   Essentially, I took a special test for a bacteria in my lungs/stomach related to ulcers.  Then she talked about what foods I would be allowed to eat after surgery.  As for the plan for the next six months...stick with what I've been doing and try to make sure I don't gain weight.  The insurance company sometimes has issues if patients gain while they are supposed to be on supervised weight loss.  There are a few things I can work on now like eliminating carbonated drinks, limiting caffeine and not drinking during meals.

   Oh, and I also have to go to the gym and work out - 6 times.  Not six times a month...six times in the entire six month period.  I can't tell you how much of a letdown that was.  I'm sitting here thinking I am ready to make some changes and I'm cool if surgery is a part of that.  I'm ready to soak up new information and advice on better food choices.  Instead I get directions of the minimum I have to do in order to be approved for surgery.  I want surgery to be a part of my plan - not the plan.