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April 15, 2010

Bill Ayers - Followup

   According to the Casper Star Tribune this morning, the University is officially declining to provide space to Bill Ayers to speak in Laramie.  He and his lawyers say that they will continue with the lawsuit as they had originally planned and will be filing today.  In the meantime, they are looking for other possible options for a location for him to speak, including the Laramie Plains Civic Center, or possibly at a church location.  Anyone who read this know if there any requirement that a public university allow someone to speak on their campus? 

   What comes to mind is the recent issues up in Canada when Ann Coulter was going to speak at one of their universities.  The event was cancelled due to protestors who didn't want to hear her speak.  Really, is this much different?  In that case it was liberals who didn't like her provocative conservative views, and in this case, it is more conservatives who don't want it.  I loved a comment my friend Matt sent me that he learned back in high school.  "It's possible to be so open-minded that your brain falls out."  Seriously, if you can't speak at the college, find somewhere else.  Stop whining about it.  Stop wasting your time and money, and ours!  I'm sure not everyone likes me, and they probably don't want me to speak either, but I'm not going to go sue you over it.  I'll update again as it happens. 


Whitney said...

Well said Jon. I also grew up with the saying, "You can be so open-minded your brain falls out". It has served me well :)