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April 14, 2010

Bill Ayers thretens to sue the University of Wyoming

   Interesting article from the Casper Star Tribune today that Bill Ayers is threatening a lawsuit against UW.  If you're not familiar with the story, he was invited to speak at a Social Justice symposium and eventually dis-invited due to threats of violence and funding cuts.  Personally, I don't think this guy should have been invited to speak in the first place, but that is just me.  Some of the faculty on campus believe he should have been allowed to speak and began working to bring him back.

   Officially, he is scheduled to speak here on April 28th now, and they have requested access to facilites for his speech.  Apparenlty, his access has been denied.  He is giving until "high noon" for UW to give access or he will sue.  According to the article, they are denying him simply because of the content of his speech, which I doubt is the case.  I sent an email when things were going around the staff email lists that given his background and lack of repentence, he has no business speaking on social justice.  The baggage that accompanies him will probably preclude anyone from getting useful information from his speech, even if the speech was fantastic.  Surely there was a better option for someone to speak in this setting?! 

   I'm very interested to see how the University chooses to handle this.  Will they simply back down and allow him the use of facilites, or will they require a court order for it?  Honestly, UW allows all sorts of people to use their space.  I am not sure how they can justify denying him access when they allow others.  However, I think if this group wants him here, they should be footing the bill for a venue, and they should foot the bill for his security.  I'll update again when I hear more.