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April 15, 2010

Government Religion?

   Read a news article in the AP this morning that you can find here.  Lancaster decided to put a vote on their ballot that would allow prayer before city council meetings.  It passed by a 3 to 1 margin, and the wording was specific that all faiths are allowed to take part in the prayer.  Being a heavily Christian community, one would assume that Christian prayers would be prominent but not exlusive to the events.  Peter Eliasberg is an attorney for the ACLU who is looking at bringing a lawsuit over this measure states, "We don't allow the voters to decide what's the official religion in the city of Lancaster."  Really, I wasn't aware that allowing a prayer amounted to the government establishing a religion.  Was the vote necessary? Who knows...I don't much care if we open a meeting with prayer or not.  If the city council of my town were to allow a Muslim or Buddhist come and offer a prayer or opening remarks, would that somehow mean the government is trampling on my right to be a white Christian male?  Get serious people.  We have lost our common sense in this country in ways I can't understand.