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April 2, 2010

The March Highlights (2010 Goals Update)

   What an interesting year it has been so far in 2010.  I find it so hard to believe that it is already April!  This month was probably the toughest yet for the goals I had set for myself.  Especially in the weight loss area, but for onyone who has tried to lose weight, you know how that goes.
   I've been having so much fun spending time with my kids.  I have been working especially hard on taking time with Braeden because he's been having a rough time lately.  He doesn't do well at all when it's time to get dressed because he loves his pajamas.  It has become a "choose your battle" issue where we generally let him wear pajamas unless we feel it wouldn't be appropriate.  I get plent of fun time with Landen because I'm usually the one to feed him breakfast before I go to work.  We also like to make noises at each other and now that he's officially walking, I yell that I'm going to get him and he loves to laugh and try to run away.  It's so much fun.  It has been a little more rough with Emerson because I feel like maybe I'm being too tough on her.  I expect a lot from her because she is generally so well behaved, and I think it is unfair at times when I do.  I need to slow down a little and just spend some time watching a movie with her or reading more. 

   I also set a goal of being less cynical.  I think I've been doing really well at that.  It feels like things just keep piling up in the "how could this happen to me/us" department, but I still maintain a positive outlook.  I have also interviewed for several jobs and been turned down by just as many!  I contact them afterwards for feedback on my interview and got super positive feedback about it.  In the end, those jobs had someone who had more experience in that specific thing and I have to deal with that.  For one job, they told me I was one of 7 being interviewed out of over 40 applicants.  That alone made me feel pretty good. 
   I am also learning that sarcasm is not the same as cynicism.  I can continue to be snarky and sarcastic about things, but need to think about other people's feelings.  I don't want to come across as a jerk, I just want to laugh every now and then. 

   Hanging out with other people has been a little tougher too.  We managed to get together with Sandra's sister Katie and her husband Ryan at least once which is always super fun.  The lack of hang time throughout the month was made up for with a trip to Las Vegas though.  Our small group managed to get sitters for all the kids and we went to Sin City from the 12th-15th which was a blast.  There is already talk about trying to trip somewhere next year.  Let's cross our fingers because that's also Sandra's surgery.  It would be fantastic if they came out to California a few days early and we got to hang and pray for Sandra too. 

   Then there's the weight loss.  Last month, I celebrated being slightly ahead of my personal schedule.  The goal was to lose 7 pounds per month, and I was down to 319.8 pounds.  Las Vegas was not good to me. I ignored everything Weight Watchers in the worst way and continually struggled throughout the month.  I managed to actually gain my way back up to 326.  It's rough when you know you should do something and want to, but don't seem to be able to accomplish it.  It's been going through my mind a lot lately and I'm considering what options I have.

   There you have it.  I hope anyone reading has a fantastic Easter weekend, and I'll update again soon!


Jennifer Hamilton said...

I've always struggled with being too hard on Julia as well, because she is the "easy" one, the one who always does what's expected. Where is the line between having high expectations and expecting too much? It gets worse when they get in school. How do you react when they bring home a poor grade? How do you know what is laziness and what is really a struggle for them? I've been really trying lately to praise her for her excellent efforts in all things, at school, helping around the house, etc. It's a challenge.