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April 6, 2010

Time to get LOST

   It's that time again to pay tribute to Lost.  I love the show.  Questions are getting answered, although it is much slower than I anticipated for the final season.  My goal is to continue to post something new each week in honor of the show.  This week, I decided to highlight some fan fiction.  It is most definitely not my fan fiction, because to go as far as to write my own poems or stories about fictional characters seems a little out there to me.  However, I hope you enjoy this little poem, written by someone who calls themselves Dark Angel.  I'm working hard to focus on different items each week, and hopefully I can keep this up.  Hope you're enjoying reading about the things I find, as much as I enjoy seeking them out!

Thoughts from the Beach
by Dark Angel

I’m Lost on this Island, my plane crashed you see
I was on Oceanic 815, seat 23
I don’t mind the mangos; the sea view is nice,
And Rose does my washing for a reasonable price.
I play Golf with Hurley , backgammon with Locke
I played cards with Sawyer, I lost, not a shock.

I don’t mind the Polars, they keep to their own
And so what if the monster gives an occasional groan
The food drop was awesome, Apollo candy for all
So the ranch dressings missing, you can’t have it all.
Aaron’s a real cutie and Claire’s quite nice too,
And I did like the hatch with a real flushing loo.

We had our own doctor, dentist and priest
It’s a shame the psychiatrist and cop are deceased
The Others seem friendly, if you’re not Steve or Scott
And we have our own psychic I nearly forgot
We’ve got Kate, who’s a killer, but nice as can be,
Charlie a Junkie but now he’s drug free.

I hear there’s a French lady mad as a goose
She captured Sayid, but then set him loose
Jin does the fishing, Sun grows the food
Jack runs the show, when he’s not in a mood
Vincent is cuddly, just like the bears.
And I live on the beach with out any cares

I like my small island, the sun and the sand,
It’s quite fun surviving with my little band
So a plane fell on Boone, Shannon got shot,
Michael Escaped, Eko did not
Artz got exploded all over Hurley
But hey, I can sleep in, I don’t get up early.

There’s adventure and intrigue, mystery galore,
With Dharma and Hanso, the Others and more
The Back Rock, transmitter, the drug plane as well
The hatches, the numbers, Dr Marvin Candle
And let’s not forget that guy with that patch
Are Dharma still working from the Flame Hatch?

It almost a perfect existence, this life
No worries no work, no pestering wife
I’d almost say paradise lost has been found
The moment the plane impacted the ground
There’s only one thing that getting me down
It’s Nikki and Paulo
I do wish they’d Drown