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April 13, 2010

Time to get LOST

   This week, Lost is going to focus on Hurley's plan of how they can save everyone/stop the man in black from leaving the island.  I'm really excited to see how this is shaping up.  I was worried about the season because there were so many questions to be answered and it didn't seem possible to wrap it all up.  So far, other than being impatient for answers, I have really enjoyed it.  We'll see how the next six episodes play out.  Today though, in our Time to get LOST segment, I'm going to post some thing in honor of Hurley, who might be my favoriate character on the show. 

   First, we have these buttons.  They are available through this link and you can take your pick of seven of them for $7.  I'm not sure Sandra would be cool with me spending money on it, but if someone wants to go in halfsies with me, send me a message and we'll order!

   Then, coming in August of 2010, you can find this awesome and stylish Hurley bobble head.  I've never owned a bobble head, but I'm more than willing to accept one as a gift...for the birth of the new baby!  It couldn't be more perfect!  Check out the link here.


shellycoulter said...

Jumbo-Tron. hahaha! Those are fantastic!

I love Hurley too. :)
I love Sawyer's quick-witted name-calling even more!