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April 20, 2010

Time to get LOST

 I found out today that the finale for LOST is happening the weekend of my 30th birthday.  I'm seriously considering getting someone to babysit the kids so that I can enjoy it live and actually force myself to watch commercials and support all the vendors buying time so I can enjoy the greatest show I've ever experienced.  Maybe you'd like to come watch with me?  No problem as long as I don't have to keep pausing it to explain things. :-) 

   I also learned that they are going to do another one of those hour long recap episodes of the season to try and make sure everyone is at the same place when they finish it all.  That got me thinking that it would be cool to actually know the chronological order of the show since it spans so many years with the time travel/time shifting stuff.  I'm not about to try and create something like that myself though, so here's a link to a site that lays out the timeline with pictures to guide you along.  It is pretty long but starts with the unknown time and then jumps to the 1800's with the Black Rock all the way to 2008 and even covers this bizarre "parallel time" that we're experiencing.  It's pretty cool and I think you should check it out.  Hope you enjoy the show tonight and as always, feel free to come back and comment about the show throughout the week!