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April 27, 2010

Time to get LOST

   I'm pretty bummed that there is no new episode of Lost this week.  There's no reason they should not provide a high quality brand spanking new episode of Lost on a weekly basis - especially since they are ending the show!  Instead, they are going to run Ab Aeterno again which was episode 9 of the current season.  I'm sure there's some official reason for it, but I don't like it either way.  I decided that I'd run a new post of Time to get LOST, even though they aren't returning the favor.  These are a few of the official pictures being released by the show.  I thought it was pretty interesting to have another religious reference to the show and wonder if there is something to them in terms of the final plotlines.  Specifically, my question is about why Locke is in the Jesus position of the picture?  Is there something to that and we just haven't learned it yet.  I wouldn't be surprised to have some major, amazing, crazy, creepy shift in the last few weeks.  What do you think?


Matt Coulter said...

I saw these a few months back and didn't realize they were official shots released by the show. Interesting.

Also interesting to note: there are 13 "disciples" around the table with John Locke instead of 12 as in the original.

Either Kate or Sayid would be in the position of Judas Iscariot. Sawyer would be in the position of St. John.

Not sure what, if anything, those observances mean.