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April 26, 2010

   Yeah that was a freak snowstorm that snowed me and my family in on Saturday the 24TH OF APRIL.  I'm not one of those snow haters and I really don't mind the weather in Laramie most of the time.  It's just that I had plans this weekend to take my family to Cheyenne and see How to Train Your Dragon in 3D.  Really, a trip to Cheyenne that didn't include Sandra working, doctor visits, meetings, family gatherings or anything!  We were going to see a movie and grab the kids some summer clothes from Once Upon a Child.  Thanks a lot snow, but I'm not that easily defeated!

   We drove over Sunday instead...the movie was actually really good.  Emerson and Braeden kept the 3D glasses on the whole time and thought it was pretty neat all around.  Braeden managed to get a little scared at times when the dragons would fly out of the screen and stuff, and I could hear him from Sandra's lap asking to go home after every single one of those scary moments!  I took him to go potty after the movie and he told me a story about dragons coming out of the wall and biting his finger.  Luckily, it had no lasting negative impact, as he did not wake us up at 3am screaming about dragons.  He actually slept in until 7:40!

   So we got our movie, got our summer clothes from Once Upon a Child and managed to get back in time to hang out with our friends Bill and Jen for dinner.  I even managed to play with the kids a bit, do lots of laundry and we got the house back in order from a chaotic couple of weeks.  Maybe we need to work on a weekend at home where nothing is planned!