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May 5, 2010

The Adventures of the Squeaky Mouse

   This might more appropriately be titled The End of the Adventures of the Squeaky Mouse.  About a week ago, Sandra and I got the kids down to bed and I was halfway to Walmart for some groceries when I received a frantic call.  It was Sandra telling me to get home now because there was a mouse in the pantry!  I turned around, ready to be the hero and catch a mouse for my wife.  I emptied out the pantry, but alas, no mouse or mouse droppings.  She heard it though and after waiting a bit, I heard it to.  That thing was scratching around the attic, so I had to set up a mouse trap.

   No, we aren't talking about setting up the Mouse Trap game.  I never really understood the point of that game anyway because it took forever to set up and felt like it just ended out of the blue.  Not a fun game, and I will not be buying that for my kids.  I went out and bought the real deal, climbed a ladder up to the attic and decided to just stick one by the entrance with some peanut butter smeared on it. 

   After a couple days, I went back up there and checked it out, but there was nothing.  It was a sad moment to say the least.  I also hadn't heard the thing in a few days so we thought maybe he had gone somewhere else to live and find a food source.  Then we heard him again and Sandra also noticed something.  We had a bag of bird seed in the garage that we put up on the birdhouse attached to the fence.  Suddenly, it had holes all over it and was leaking bird seed all over the shelf and the floor.  I knew that was was my opportunity to catch him once and for all. 

I decided not to clean up the bird seed and grabbed another trap to set up.  It only took a day and I got that sucka.  I didn't actually see it happen, but the trap caught him and I'm sure it was something like Young MC's song Principal's Office when he bit the applesauce and her it crunch.  I got a couple of Walmart bags and after sealing him up delivered him to the garbage cans in the alley.  We never officially told Emerson that the trap would kill the mouse.  We were very careful to say that because we weren't sure how she would take it. 

   She did ask me if she could see the mouse and of course I told her no.  She then asked me what I did with it and I told her the truth...I put him in the alley.  Then she asked, in her sweet little five year old voice, "Do you think he'll get run over by a car and squished?"  Sandra and I gave each other a funny look and I asked her if that is what she thought should happen to the mouse.  She gave me a cute smile and shook her head and said yes!  It was pretty funny and she is super excited that the mouse is no longer in our attic.  She still thinks I just let him go, but I'm not ready to ruin her innocence yet.  She's too sweet for that.