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May 5, 2010

American Idol

   One of the kids accidentally turned on my PS3 today before we left to Cheyenne to have dinner with my dad.  The entertainment center doesn't vent the air well so the DVR ended up overheating!!  Sad night that it actually didn't record American Idol OR Lost.  We are going to have to catch Lost on Hulu tomorrow when they upload it.  Unfortunately, there isn't a central location to watch American Idol performances since they sell them in iTunes.  I had to look up each one on and the only one worth watching is available above!  Forget the rest of the show, I really think this guy is the one to beat now.  Crystal is still really amazing, but there is something really good about Lee and every week he just gets better.  I'm really hoping the bottom three tonight are Mike, Casey and Aaron.  I don't care which of them leaves, but they all NEED TO GO.