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May 11, 2010

Time to get LOST

   The episode of Lost tonight will focus on Jacob and the Man in Black.  This has been such an interesting storyline for us to follow and we've been led to believe that Jacob is the good guy/God character and the Man in Black is the bag guy/Devil character.  I had some doubts (perhaps reservations would be a better term) about who was really good.  Last week's episode appears to have settled it when we saw that Flocke/Man in Black was attempting to kill all the candidates.  The idea is that he cannot leave the island until they are all dead.  One thing I've learned from watching Lost is that I cannot assume anything. Today we will spend the hour in the history of these two characters and the island, and I am willing to be that anything is still game.  This show has had more twists and turns than any roller coaster I've ever ridden. 

   Let's look at what we actually know.  Jacob appears to be the protector of the island and serves as a God character.  He wants to protect people and basically gives them free will to do what they want, while occasionally showing  up in their lives off the island and nudging them in a certain direction.  Jacob was killed by Ben Linus inside the Statue of Taweret, but has since appeared to Hurley. He has brought people to the island as candidates, presumably to take over in his role of protector.

   The Man in Black, is not able to leave the island, even though Jacob is.  He believes that evil is inherrent to humanity and frequently appears to others on the island not as himself, but as someone else who is already dead.  Might it have been the Man in Black who appeared to Hurley setting up the temple's destruction?  Now that Jacob is dead, the Man in Black is now stuck looking like John Locke and can no longer change forms.  In order for him to get off the island, he needs all the candidates to be dead, but he cannot directly kill them himself.  Richard Alpert's dead wife appears to Hurley and tells them that if the Man in Black is allowed to leave the island they "are all going to Hell". 

   I don't have any idea what it all means.  I still think that Jacob is the good guy and the Man in Black is the bad guy.  I may easily be proven wrong, but tonight will hopefully answer a slew of questions we all still have about the island and this conflict between these two characters.  If anyone wanted to pick me up a little token of gratitude for writing the Time to get LOST series, you can get this Jacob and the Man in Black toy. I think it's pretty cool and would go well with my office gnome!