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June 23, 2010

Luciano's Restaurant Review

   Sandra and I got to hit the town last night and decided to try out the new Italian restaurant in town called Luciano's.  We both like Italian in terms of Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill so we were excited about a new local option.  The restaurant itself is plain but nice with quiet music playing in the background and a friendly service staff.  We were seated immediately and our server brought us waters and bread with oil for dipping right away.  The appetizer menu looked pretty interesting so we opted to try out the bruschetta.  It was awesome.  The bread was very crispy and a nice balance to the tomato mixture which had a nice bright flavor.  However, it was $8 and only came with six small slices of bread which was not enough.

   For the meal, we chose to try the Parmesan chicken because it is a favorite for both Sandra and me.  You get the option of a Caesar or house salad, or you can choose was is listed as Italian Chicken Noodle Soup.  I asked him what made the chicken noodle soup Italian and his reply was, "It's served in an Italian restaurant.  Actually we put tomato in it too.  It's pretty much like regular chicken noodle soup.  We use the leftover chicken each night to make it and it's not bad."  Hmmm, not quite what I like to hear.  I opted for the house salad but they don't carry an assortment of dressings.  I couldn't get ranch for it so I changed and decided to do the soup.  Sandra did the Caesar and said it was great.

   The chicken Parmesan came out and I have to admit we were both pretty disappointed with it.  The presentation was nice.  It was a breaded chicken breast with cheese melted on top, but had no sauce on it.  There was spaghetti and marinara sauce on the plate and a few strips of red, green and yellow pepper which added a nice crispy texture to the noodles and brightness to the plate.  There was also a grilled asparagus spear, which turned out to be slightly on the burned side and was inedible.  The spaghetti had a good flavor to it and the pasta was cooked very well - not too mushy or firm.  The chicken itself completely lacked in spices and flavor.  It was like taking a piece of chicken and heating it in a plan with nothing on it.  The breading didn't add flavor either.  I took some of my sauce and put it on the chicken hoping to add a bit, which it did, but it was still not even close to the best I've had.  I have made chicken Parmesan at home that turned out better than this and was FAR less than $15.

   Overall, I'm glad we tried it, but probably won't be rushing to go back anytime soon unless some major improvements are made.  It would also be nice to have a little more intimate decor.  It was very generic, no centerpiece or candles on the table - only  salt and pepper.  For Laramie, which is seriously lacking in Italian food, you might check it out.  Maybe go for the spaghetti and meatballs though, or stick with appetizers if you want flavor, but be prepared to pay too much.