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June 3, 2010

The Pete and Classic Crime

   Drove my friend Peter over to Cheyenne last night so he could open an acoustic set for Classic Crime.  I love hearing Peter sing when he's in that type of venue because it is so different from when he is leading worship in a church setting.  I was excited to hear him and probably moreso to hear Classic Crime because they are one of my favorite bands.  They have clean lyrics and cool sounding drums and guitars.  If I'm being honest though, it was slightly disappointing.  Peter was really fun to watch.  The kids connected with him and before the show called him "the janitor" when he went and put a piece of paper on stage.  It was fun to see them interacting and made me miss being a youth pastor. 

   Classic Crime was less than fantastic though.  The singer started off talking about how they have been on tour so long and their voices are shredded, so sing loud.  In other words, sing loud so you don't notice that we suck tonight.  They did a few songs that I really wanted to hear including Salt in the Snow which is an awesome song.  The rest of their set, I'd have rather listened to the CD.  It makes me sad because I usually love bands really opens up a whole new element.  I'd still recommend you check out their CDs.  One of the coolest songs is The End.