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July 19, 2010

Lazy Days

This has been such a dry season for my blog.  It's been such a struggle trying to think of things that I could post on here because I've been thinking lately that I don't have much worth saying.  Things have been going really well.  I've managed to finish up three weeks in my new job already.  It doesn't seem like it has been that long, but I'm settling in nicely.  I did some online training to help me learn the new software and really feel like I'm getting the hang of it.  For those who don't know, I am now the Coordinator of University Scheduling.  Basically, I'm the guy who schedules the classroom facilities each semester.  There are other smaller things included like providing information to make sure necessary rooms are open on the weekends, taking care of supplies and some of the technology in the Classroom building, tracking and reporting for N1H1 stuff...but the big one is scheduling the rooms.

Landen has been doing so much better and has not had any of the tummy issues for a while.  He is also back to sleeping through the night which is AWESOME!  It was rough feeling like we were back in the newborn phase with a kid up all the time.  I do not miss those days even a little bit.  The other kids are doing pretty well also.  We started a new reward system with them.  We bought them each a little $1 glass dish and a stack of those colored stones you might put in a planter or a fish tank - they call them diamonds and love them.  We tailored it so they each earn them based on things they struggle with.  For Emerson, it might be things like not asking something over and over, or cleaning her toys up without complaining.  For Braeden, he earns them for things like sharing with Landen, or getting dressed without complaint.  When they earn five diamonds, they get a sticker on a chart and then get to pick a prize from the dollar store when they fill the chart.  It isn't too hard, but they are earning and losing diamonds all day.  Hopefully, it will help us to focus on areas where they could use a little attention.

We finally are visiting churches too.  We went to Snowy Range E-Free this week for the second week in a row. The kids all went to their respective programming options and seemed to have a good time.  Landen didn't make it last week and Sandra ended up in there with him almost the entire service.  I guess that's the joy of finding a new church home.  We've enjoyed the services though.  This week, it was a good talk on being salt and light and really putting perspective on what that a little can go a long way, Sunday isn't the focus, but a tool to help us BE the church during the week - things like that.  It was a good challenge I think and we both enjoy the teacher's style.  He is personable and easy to connect with.  The music is decent too, although it can feel a little cheesy at times.  That is the case with pretty much every church I've been to at some point.  Not sure yet if this is our home, but we'll probably give it a couple more weeks and then re-evaluate.

The house is almost totally in order.  There are only a couple other projects that we'd like to work on, but they aren't big, or required.  The grass is looking awesome and grows so quickly.  I've only had it down for like six weeks and already had to cut it four times!  Now we're cleaning out SO MUCH JUNK from the garage and will have a garage sale in a couple weeks.  Maybe we can finally get that bear organized.  Orthodontic appointment for Sandra this week, weight loss for me, but we'll cap it off with a weekend trip to Elitches and a visit to some great friends we haven't seen in a couple months.  Life is good!


shellycoulter said...

What? You're going to Elitches? Pick me, pick me! :)