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July 21, 2010

Our First Hiking Adventure

On Monday night our friends Matt and Shelly invited us to head up to hike the Turtle Rock Trail at Vedauwoo.  It's super close to our house and has trails for hiking and biking, as well as campgrounds too.  They have hiked this trail a few times before and assured us it was a simple trail that took about 45 minutes.  We actually have never been hiking as a family so we figured it would be a good first attempt.

Let me tell you, the trail is a really beautiful experience...if you have never walked it, I totally recommend it because you get to see such an amazing array of landscape.  The trail itself isn't too difficult at all, and my kids even managed to do well.  What we didn't know at the time was that Matt and Shelly hadn't ever tried to tackle the trail with little kids walking.  Probably not that big a deal, but Sandra already had Landen strapped to her back since I can't with my back injury, and the trail itself is about 3 miles long - insert 3 and 5 year old.

These guys totally rocked it up.  Braeden was so excited at first and was trying to lead the group and kept telling us to just follow him.  He would run up and down the path talking to the lead folks, leading himself a few times and going back to talk to the kids at the back of the path.  It was super cute, but you could tell his steam was totally running out by the end.  He'd stop and squat down for about three seconds saying he needed a rest and then would pop back up and keep going.  Emerson was the same way and although she asked me once if I'd carry her, she never complained or asked again after I said no.  We got to see some really nice things along the way and I snapped a few pictures with my cell phone.

There was a pretty varied terrain and as you walked along, you could see a lot of the crazy boulders that look like they'll crash down at any moment, huge open fields, a stream that created little ponds in a couple areas, and even a little waterfall.  Unfortunately, for this trip, the waterfall was more of a water trickle, but maybe next time we'll see it roaring.  The kids got so excited every time they would see a chipmunk, squirrel or butterfly, and Sandra was lucky enough to spot this baby rabbit hiding from us.

Needless to say, the 45 minutes hike turns into a 90 minute hike with little kids involved.  I'm still so proud of my little troopers.  I'm more than willing to go try it again, and I'm sure the kids would still love to do it.  It isn't a bad way to pass the time and thankfully is only a few minutes drive from home.  Even though I haven't gotten out like this a ton in the past, I just love living where this stuff even exists!  Hopefully, this trip will spur my family to want to do more outdoor activities soon.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Jon! the family looks excellent and the pics were really good! You do have a very nice area around you to be able to go and do that stuff! Yall look awesome! Love you!