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July 2, 2010

Pray for the little guy

There's been a nasty stomach bug going around.  My younger son Landen got it a couple weeks ago and the rest of the family quickly followed.  Other kids we know also got it and it isn't pretty.  Well Landen just can't seem to get rid of it.  We took him to the doctor because it was obvious he was getting dehydrated and there really isn't anything they can do.  If he gets too dehydrated, they'll give him an IV, but there is nothing to do that can stop the diaper blowouts and throwing up.  We were told that if he keeps at it for two weeks, bring him back and they'll check to see if it is actually something else potentially causing it.

Last night, he went to be pretty early because he was super tired, but then managed to go through the rest of the night with two nasty blowouts and two vomiting sessions.  Poor little guys is a champ though and even through all of it, he doesn't really cry or scream too much.  I'm sure it is a terrible experience when you're that little and don't understand.  He would do his thing, cry getting bathed or wiped up and then just want to snuggle and go back to sleep.  It was actually a little sweet.

He's going back in today at 10:30 with said diapers in hand to test for other issues.  Please take a few moments and pray for him to be healed and that the doctors can figure out what is going on.  Pray for us to get some real rest from cleaning up all this stuff.  Pray for him to get the sleep he needs to heal.  We really appreciate it.  I'll let you know how things go.  Thanks!!