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July 7, 2010

Update on Landen

   Friday I posted a blog asking people to pray for Landen because he'd been having issues with throwing up and diarrhea and was going to the doctor.  We got him there and he was pretty dehydrated.  They ended up hooking up an IV and giving him three full (kid size) bags of fluids.  He also drank about 14 ounces from a sippy cup.  They let us take him home late that afternoon, but he seemed to be really lethargic and we couldn't get him to eat or drink anything at home.  Based on the doctor's recommendation, we went ahead and took him up to the hospital. What an ordeal....we ended up being there the entire weekend!

   They had to do a lot of tests, blood work and stool samples, telephone calls with the infectious disease specialist at the Denver Children's Hospital, as well as the GI people.  What we kept hearing was that it seems like he had the stomach bug that lots of little kids in Laramie went through, but managed to get some other virus on top of it.  They thought it was mono for a few days, but the tests proved negative.  There are still a bunch of tests that were sent off still pending and we might actually find out which virus it is.  They ended up keeping him in the hospital from Friday night until Tuesday afternoon.  Sunday was his last day to throw up and they didn't want to let him go until he managed to keep himself hydrated and hold food down.

   Thankfully, Sandra's parents were able to come over to Laramie to stay with the older kids which allowed both Sandra and me to stay at the hospital.  We had TONS of offers from other people to help which was amazing. We even have a few people providing us meals now that we're home so it's one less thing to worry about since he is still not back to 100%.

   The nurses at the hospital sure had their share of fun with him.  A couple of them actually made him smile, but usually, he started crying really hard whenever they walked into the room.  He knew that something that he didn't like was coming.  He had to be poked for the first IV three time, a foot poke for blood and two arm pokes for blood at the hospital, as well as a tube down his nose into his stomach the first night.  They were so patient with all of us - even after they had to change the sheets for the third time in one night because he kept throwing up on them.  Eventually they realized it would be good to keep those pads down on top of the sheets.

   There were times he started to perk up, but they weren't often.  Our friends came to pray over him and would drop in to see how we were doing which was nice.  He never seemed to do well when mommy wasn't in site though.  He always wanted to snuggle with her and she kept him in the hospital bed with her at night.  I slept on one of those awesome sleeper chair things...come on dads, you know the ones!  Sandra was able to sneak out a couple times while he was sleeping to shower, but on Monday, he woke up and she was gone and that wasn't a pretty site.  Thankfully, she booked it back quickly.
The nurses were being super helpful trying to find ways to keep him calm and tried to find some toys to play with to help him feel a little more normal.  His arm was bandaged up from the IV so there wasn't a whole lot he could do with one hand.  We tried to give him a bath, and I got this picture snapped on my phone about 30 seconds before he filled the tub (you get the idea.) The nurse had taken all the time to find a bag to put over his arm, and also found these Lego toys and a bucket to play with in the tub.  It was sad!

  They found us a little red wagon which he really enjoyed riding in.  Unfortunately, Sandra was allowed on IV duty too much because she kept stopping to look at things without telling us.  All we need is to have the IV torn from his arm and more poking!  We ended up spending the 4th of July in the hospital, but it was actually really fun.  Landen happened to wake up about 10 minutes before the fireworks show started.  We packed him up in the wagon and rode to some empty rooms in the building that had an awesome view of the fireworks display.  He loved it and kept smiling and pointing at them.  

   Like I said, Sunday was the last time Landen threw up.  He still wasn't eating or drinking too much, but you could tell his spirits were lifting.  Finally on Tuesday, they told us he could go home because he'd held his food down and was drinking from a cup pretty well.  He's still not 100% and if he start throwing up again, we'll probably need to take him back, but it is SO good to be home.  I loved getting ready this morning and having him in the bed playing peekaboo with me!  He was definitely more smiley and having fun with us, and Sandra says he's drinking and eating like a champ.  Please keep praying that he would continue on his path to normalcy and wellness!