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September 1, 2010

Church Search

Looking for a church is never an easy task...especially if you've ever visited churches in Laramie, Wyoming.  The options here are so limited and so many of the churches feel exactly the same with a different team leading worship or a different talking head up front.  I have missed being part of a local church.  How do you even begin to look though?  It has been a long time coming for us.

As most of you know who have been reading this blog for a while, I was officially fired as the youth pastor at my previous church.  The elders of the church decided to go a different direction with the leadership structure, but it was something we didn't feel we wanted to continue to invest in.  If we were essentially starting over with a church, we wanted to see where it was that we fit best.  Initially, a planned break of one to two months turned into six and then seven months.

What do you want in a church though...everyone has a shopping list for what they look for in a church.  If they tell you differently, I believe they are lying to themselves and to you.  No one is going to go to a church with no thought on the teaching styles they like, music styles they like, available options for kids and/or youth, outreach philosophy etc.  I also have to admit that people like Jason Ricks, Raul Cruz and Tony Archer ruined church for me.  Under their leadership, I experienced church in ways I had never before....from the teaching, to the priesthood of all believers, to the music...all of it was different and exciting.

Now I'm stuck because I know I'll never be able to get that again.  The thing that hits me lately is that I don't want to recreate that.  I've spent most of my life involved in church in some capacity, and there are usually things I don't care for in every church.  Looking back on some of my worst experiences, I found that usually the only thing that is consistently a problem

My family has been "visiting" Snowy  Range E-Free church for almost two months now.  For the most part, we enjoy the teaching and the music, the kids like the children's stuff (mostly) and we love the fact that we know a lot of Godly super cool people that go there.  This past week, we were filling in the attendance forms they do officially marked ourselves as regular attendees instead of visitors.  God has given both of us comfort about being there.  Are there things that could be better or different?  Sure...what church doesn't have room for improvement.  They are simply trying to reach people for Christ as best they know how, and we are going to join them in that adventure.  I hope that you have a church to call home...if you are searching I pray that God would give you peace wherever you go...if you gave up searching, I encourage you to start again.  If you decide to visit Snowy Range, you can even sit by me!


Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY understand your post! I have been dawdling with finding a church home for YEARS since I have been back in Texas. This past week I found a church that both Natalie and I adore and are ready to serve it! I cant wait for Sundays now! :)

Whitney said...

I think that was the struggle Elliot and I had initially when we first moved to Cheyenne. We never thought we would end up going to the church we do, and there are some things that we don't connect with like we did at Emmaus, but like you guys, we just know that we had to be a part of a local church, since we weren't going to be moving anywhere else for a while. Thanks for your thoughts.