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September 7, 2010

Happy Labor Day

   Sometimes I wonder if it isn't strange that we celebrate Labor Day by taking a day off work and lounging around or having parties, but I'm definitely not going to complain.  I love having long weekends.  This was one of them and we were finally able to get back up to Sheridan to visit Sandra's grandpa.  If I remember right, he's got to be about 96 years old and is still going pretty strong.  He loves to see the kids though and you can see his face light up when they are there, although I'm sure he's glad for the break when we drive off every time!


   He actually lives outside of Sheridan in the country where it is so quiet and relaxing and spends a lot of his day hanging out with his dog Max.  This is actually Max version 3.0 because every time he has replaced his dog, he gets one that looks pretty much exactly the same and keeps giving them the same name.  The kids call it New Max because we never told them that Max 2.0 died.  Landen absolutely loves to be around dogs and will run after them trying to catch them so he can grab and poke them as much as possible.  Emerson is allergic to dogs but makes sure to take some medicine because she loves playing with him too.  Braeden on the other hand is not so fond of dogs.  We had a neighborhood dog get loose once and it kept trying to be friendly and play with Braeden by jumping on his repeatedly which - needless to say - didn't go over well.  I'm proud of our little trooper though for not freaking out too much with Max.


   I didn't think he'd ever actually manage to get over to Max and start petting her, but he did.  You can see how long it took for that to happen in the pictures above - notice the clouds coming and going over the sun?  It was a slow but steady process but victory was achieved.  Like I mentioned, Landen didn't care.  It was all we could do to keep him from playing with the water bowl.  Here's a few pictures of him playing with apples and washing them.  At one point, we managed to find him out there washing his arms in the same bowl and we knew it was time for a bath.  


   Of course mommy and daddy got some time to relax as well.  The grandparents took all the kids and even gave us money to go enjoy lunch in town.  It was nice to sit and eat without having to deal with kids food, fussing, trips to the potty or anything.  I also got to try my first glass of Guinness which wasn't bad.  We couldn't stay away from the kids for long though because mommy needed some snuggle time.

   It was a really good trip all around but like all vacations, it was just too short.  Hopefully we'll get to take another trip up there sometime this year too see Great Grandpa again.  Maybe next time we'll need to do a little more than just snap a picture of these guys and actually grab one for a nice dinner.  Hope you enjoyed the holiday and didn't have to work!