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October 28, 2010

Protein & Paperwork

I find it pretty interesting the paperwork you have to sign before you can have surgery. I'm fully aware that there are plenty of possible complications and that I might die as a result of the procedure. There's just something different about signing your name to a piece of paper that spells that out. Of course I signed though because I don't get to have surgery unless I sign. We did a little talking about what to expect at the hospital and it turns out I'm the only one having bariatric surgery Monday. I'm ok with being the focus though.

The biggest focus of today was protein. Protein is super important after a weight loss procedure because if you don't get adequate protein, you will lose muscle mass and sometimes your hair falls out. There are other issues, but those are the only ones I'm concerned with . To prevent this, I now have to start investing in protein drinks. In theory, once I'm able to start eating regular food, I don't need the supplements, but for people I've talked to who had the Lap Band or the Bypass, they all still use them. Just another small thing I have to learn to focus on. Today I bought two different kinds. The first is called Any Whey and it is supposed to be a tasteless protein so I can add it to hot or cold drinks, and it can even be baked into food. I'm thinking that in a couple months, I might really want so

me pancakes or something with the kids. Pop a little of this powder into it and use sugar free syrup and I'm rolling!

The other one I bought was called Nectar and the flavor is Fuzzy Navel.
I bought this for the obvious reasons...I like fuzzy navels. They told me that it actually tastes like Tang which is totally cool in my book. I loved to drink Tang when I was a kid and if it's good enough for an astronaut, it's good enough for me.

I plan to post a couple profile pictures of myself on the blog...probably this weekend so you can see the starting point. My plan is to take a daily picture of myself after surgery but I doubt I'll post them every single day. I might make them available if someone wants to see them at some point. For now, the daily stuff is going to be mine alone.


Matt Coulter said...

Fuzzy navel flavored protein drinks? I'm decently sure that's a sign of the apocalypse. :) I'm glad your long road of preparation is drawing to a close. Looking forward to helping you with this change any way we can.

Jon Kelly said...

So far, I'm not super impressed with the fuzzy navel flavor. Perhaps I added too much water because it was not great. I'm sure after a week of no food, it might taste amazing!