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November 22, 2010

Holiday Planning

   I went to a support group this past Thursday.  It is the first one I've attended post-surgery, and even though I was one of only three people in attendance, it was good to be there.  The discussion was focused on how we plan for the holidays.  I've never really stopped to consider the emotional issues that might arise when people are celebrating with food all around you and you can't eat hardly any of it.  Even just three weeks into it, there were a couple moments that Sandra and the kids were getting something to eat that I wanted and it definitely got a little frustrating. With Thanksgiving coming up in a few days and Christmas right around the corner, I need to figure out how I am going to handle that potential frustration.

   One of the biggest things is to simply have a plan of what I'm going to eat.  At Thanksgiving dinner, I know I want to eat a little bit of turkey and I want some sweet potatoes.  I also know that I am really going to want some pecan pie because it is my favorite, and also that I should probably avoid eating a lot of sweats.  Since protein is my priority, I should make sure to eat turkey first, and a couple bites of sweet potatoes will probably be enough to satisfy my desire.  Then when it comes time for dessert, I will want to make sure to wait a little while so I don't overfill my stomach and make myself sick.  I plan to eat a small slice of pie.  I have to make sure it is small and that I can control myself because it is essential that I make good choices.  The conversation at the support group also made me think of how I am going to deal with people who want to "love me with food."

   I'm sure you all have someone in your family that is like this.  They love you and I'm sure they only have the best of intentions, but I need a plan to say no.  I need to make sure to bring band friendly snacks in case I start to get light headed or something.  I might need to make sure I have a blender with me, in case there is food that I can't simply eat yet.  Since I'll be sleeping in a hotel for three nights without normal access to a kitchen, do I wait to eat at Sandra's grandpa's house, and what if they are eating foods I can't?  There are so many things that you simply don't think about when you're traveling, or at the holidays.  So here's my plan.

  • On the road, I'll need to pack some sugar free pudding in case I get hungry.  
  • I will need to pack lunch or eat somewhere that has something easy for me to eat with either very soft food or soup.  
  • I need to bring my blender.
  • Buy a dozen eggs and frozen precooked sausage to eat at breakfast each day
  • Thanksgiving dinner will include turkey and sweet potato casserole. I might sample something else as long as I don't overdo it with the band.
  • I want a small slice of pie, so I will plan accordingly so I don't overeat.
  • I might need to explain my food limitations ahead of time so no one has hurt feelings. 
  • Plan to have one or two people I can call and talk to if I start feeling frustrated or depressed. 
There you have it.  I hope my current plan will help me make it through the holiday without any problems.  My  weight goal for the holidays is not to avoid gaining weight, or even to maintain my current weight.  I want to be able to continue losing weight in spite of all the amazing food that is available.  I want to be able to make good choices.  It's a life long lesson and goal.  How are you planning for your holiday dinners?