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November 11, 2010


It's been 11 days since I had my band put in and I feel really good.  I am getting to the gym every night and getting in my exercise and just feeling decent.  Last night, I decided to give the elliptical a try and I only made it 7 minutes before I thought I was going to die.  Even 7 minutes on that things burns a lot of calories when you weight 300 pounds though.  After that, I got over to my favorite treadmill at the Rec Center and walked another 35 minutes.  Bring some headphones so you are at least mildly entertained and it can be pretty relaxing to work out.

There's two things that I'm struggling with a bit though.  The first is my protein.  I find that I don't really like my protein powders much so I sort of blow them off.  I'm hoping this doesn't come to bite me in the end, because I've been making a point to work on my muscles throughout the day even just doing squats or whatever so they are getting used.  That was another thing with the elliptical because it forces my arms to get involved more than just walking.  I don't think protein will be an issue for me when I can eat normal food again, but I'm hoping this first few weeks isn't bad.  I'm not losing hair so that's a good sign.

My biggest obstacle right now is hunger.  Actually it's a lack of hunger competing with mental hunger.  Physically, I don't really feel all.  I didn't eat breakfast today and I've got no rumbly in my tumbly.  Two weeks ago, I wouldn't have been able to stand it and would have been calling to have Sandra bring me something or grabbing a sandwich from the cafe in my building.  Today, I drink water instead.  The mental side of it is almost exhausting though.  I see food that I used to love eating and I can't tell you how badly I just want it.  In about 9-10 days, I can put food through a blender and start eating more normal stuff.  All I want is to get a breakfast burrito from Qdoba (naked of course) and blend away!  I miss eating things.  This is about a life change though and I know it will get easier over time.  This part of the battle is just tough.