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November 1, 2010


It's 8:15pm the night before surgery, and I'm really stinking hungry. After the bowel prep, you are supposed to start phase I of the diet which is exclusively clear liquids. Thankfully, it also includes broth, sugar free popsicles and jello. I haven't had any solid food or about 30 hours which probably shouldn't be that big a deal. I think after my stomach is officially banded, it will be easier because I will feel full more easily.

The first phase of the diet lasts until the 8th day after surgery, and the next part of the phase allows me to have certain types of yogurt and skim milk. I don't think I get any actual solid food until the third week. So far, it hasn't been that big an issue. I made it through dinner with Sandra eating a huge juicy steak and then everyone having brownies and ice cream, and I'm not sure it gets tougher than that. If I know I physically can eat this stuff and manage to avoid it, then I know I'll make it after surgery.

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