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November 4, 2010

I really think I overdid it today. I've made it a point to get up with Sandra and the kids even though I don't necessarily have to, because I can take the kids to school with her and make sure I get some walking in. We've also needed to make runs to the grocery store too, and today's trip in took a lot longer than expected. I think being on my feet and walking so much was pretty tough and I felt a little more tired today than I have so far.

I pretty much ate nothing but Jello today. Realizing it has only been four days on the first phase of the liquid diet, I am really looking forward to Sunday so I get more food choices. In the second part of the liquid phase, i can add skim milk, certain types of yogurt as long as they don't contain little bits of fruit or anything and I can have pudding! I'm really looking forward to the pudding. I also read somewhere that I can have runny mashed potatoes. The best part will be just getting more flavor options. I found a recipe sift for banded people at and they suggests mixing up orange jello and then before putting it in the fridge you mix in vanilla pudding mix and whip cream. Of course it is all sugar free, but it will taste awesome!

I am actually losing weight pretty quickly, and I've been a little worried about the protein issues. This afternoon I noticed I'm getting a little light headed and I don't know if that's from lack of calories, lack of protein or that my blood pressure medicine needs adjustment. Just in case, I drank some protein with my jello at dinner. Even though it's allowed, I don't think I'm ready for it. My stomach felt like a rock for a couple hours afterwards. We'll see how tomorrow goes and I think I'll start posting my weight loss on Fridays. Thanks for listening to my journey! Talk to you soon.