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November 20, 2010

Phase II Diet

I had my surgery on November 1, which means I am finishing up three full weeks in Phase I of the diet.  You'll know from previous posts that the most substantial thing I am allowed to eat during the first phase is runny mashed potatoes.  I won't lie that I've had the occasion to sneak a bite of the kids mac and cheese or something.  I know it isn't technically protocol, but the bites were small and very well chewed.  As a kid I remember having thoughts along the lines of, "I could eat Jello for every meal my whole life and I'd be fine!"  I can officially say that if I never eat Jello again, it wouldn't hurt my feelings.  I've also learned that pudding isn't as bad as I remember and that I don't care all that much for Cool Whip either.  

   I made the decision during Phase I that I would start each phase a day or so early.  I was worried that when I made the switched that my stomach wouldn't agree and I didn't want to spend my Mondays at work racing to the bathroom in case I was getting sick.  Today, I went ahead with Phase II...blended foods.

   I need to work on getting protein so that is my focus when planning a meal.  This morning, I chose to scramble myself an egg.  We bought sausage scramble a few weeks ago and froze it for me.  It is really nice to have actually.  It is basically a pound of sausage that has already been crumbled and browned, then frozen. This morning, it allowed me to open the pack, scoop out about 1/4 cup of sausage and scramble it into one egg with some cheese.  I took the skillet and poured it all into the blender and ran it a few times to make sure it was all crumbly.  I also added a little salsa for moisture.  I didn't know how something like sausage or eggs would do getting blended into a liquid-y form, but it went just fine.

   When I actually tasted it, it wasn't all bad.  Yeah, you have to fight to get over the idea that what you are eating looks like a can of soft cat food, but the flavor itself is exactly the same.  I ate slowly and finished everything and felt really full.  I know that it will hold me easily until lunch at this point because in general, I don't really have an appetite.  Meals right now are something I do because I need protein, not because I feel hungry.  I'll try to post again soon about how my Thanksgiving will be impacted by the band.  Have a great weekend!