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November 3, 2010

Post Surgery

The strangest thoughts go through your head when you are having surgery. I was worried about my family and praying that they would be taken care of. I was worried that something would go wrong and my bowels would be punctured and cause lifelong problems. The one thought that got me wax actually about why I was doing this surgery. For some reason, I'm sitting in the prep room 10 minutes away from surgery thinking about how many children starve to death every day and that I'm going to have surgery to limit how much I eat. It is a hard thought to wrestle with. The thing is that this is all normal. I'm so glad I had the surgery. I can't wait to lose weight and be healthier for my family.

I finally got to come home yesterday and the first thing I did was take a 3 hour nap. Every time I'm in a hospital, I'm blown away by how little they let you sleep, even though they keep telling you that you need rest. I managed to get another 3 hour nap today and have gone on a number of walks. Right now, my food intake is so limited that any walks I get are really helping to shed pounds already.

Speaking of's pretty hard so far. The first night back, our good friend Shelly made dinner for the family so Sandra wouldn't have to worry about it. She made jambalaya which I love, and sitting there with a little bit of jello, I wanted to eat it so badly. It isn't that I'm hungry because I've had pretty much zero in the way of appetite since Monday morning. It is just the mindset that I want a Snickers when Sandra is stealing the kids candy, or to just suck on the jambalaya to get the flavor and then spit it out, but I'm not ready to risk that temptation yet.

I ate 1/4 cup of sugar free Jello for breakfast and again for lunch today. I've struggled to drink enough water today because it gases really painful gas when you swallow air. It's something I'm working on because I REALLY don't want to get dehydrated. In effort to be a little more creative, I actually made a giant pot of soup for the family. I'm going to strain out the chunky stuff and drink the broth in hopes that I will want to eat more of it and keep liquid flowing. I'll probably go ahead and add a little bit of protein powder to it too.

In terms of actual weight loss, I need to create a starting point. The biggest I've weighed is 338, and the Thursday before surgery, I met with the doctor and weighed in at 324. I will probably pick one day each week to post the current weight, along with a picture so you can see the progress. Today isn't that day, but here's my "Biggest Loser" picture from the day I came home. If you don't want to see a large topless man, or see my bandages or whatever, then you shouldn't scroll down.


audrey enloe said...

so proud of you Jon! Cannot wait to see your progress and read about your journey! I wish I had the guts to get that done...I have the "guts"! :) Love you!