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November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Follow Up

   To be totally honest, the blending portion of my diet didn't go well.  It didn't go well at all.  In fact, it didn't really happen.  I did blend some sausage, eggs and cheese the first day, but found it to be completely a hassle and not worth the effort.  So I didn't take the blender with me to Sheridan.  Instead, I decided that I would simply chew my food well and I ran with it.

   All in all, I'd say I did pretty well.  For my Thanksgiving meal, I grabbed a couple small pieces of turkey, a scoop of sweet potato casserole, a child size scoop of stuffing and a little corn.  I took my time chewing it all and still managed to be the first one done at the table - including kids.  It was pretty tasty and I didn't have any issues at all.  The issues did arrive with other meals though.

   My hotel included a free cooked to order breakfast every morning.  For someone who struggles with value eating and also the type of person who hates wasting food, it is hard to get a plate filled with breakfast potatoes, buttered toast and an awesome looking omelet and not eat too much!  I probably overdid it a couple times over the few days we were there.  I was really worried about coming back down and finding myself over 300 pounds again.  It is always amazing how little effort it takes to put on five pounds than it is to take it off.  Anyway, I didn't balloon up as I feared.  However since I was gone for the normal weigh in day, I will take that week off and will post again at the end of this week.  I hope you did well with your Thanksgiving planning.  It was so much more enjoyable to finish a meal and not feel sick for several hours afterwards.