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December 9, 2010

Working Out

   Tonight I felt so good.  God must have totally known that I needed a little encouragement because I've gotten some amazing affirmation from three different places in less than four hours!

   Working out is probably the next toughest part of this journey - the first being the mental struggle for food.  I am supposed to work out five days a week and I think I've averaged four days.  The working out itself is getting to be pretty easy.  It's amazing how good you feel simply getting a little physical activity.  I not only feel physically better, but I just feel like I'm in a better mood on days I make it to the gym.  There are a few people that I'm starting to recognize who are there fairly often and I'm hoping that maybe I can start to learn a little about them and their own journey.

   Like I said though, tonight was a good night...not just for the encouragement, but also for the actual workout.  I love the elliptical because it doesn't make my knee hurt.  I tore my MCL playing softball a few years ago.  I actually tore several things in there...doesn't really matter other than me telling you that sometimes it hurts when I push it.  The elliptical is much easier on it.  Tonight I chose to do the cardio setting which pushes for a much higher heart rate than I usually go for.  It also really burns the calories.  Watching the counter go up is so much fun when you're working out.  I'm not sure I would like it as much if I didn't know exactly how much it was helping me.  Tonight, I went for 35 minutes on that machine and it kept me really high on the level settings in order to keep my heart rate higher.  I was so proud of myself that I wanted to document it.


shellycoulter said...

I'm so proud of you, Jon! Way to go! Working out is definitely an addicting thing...because it does make you feel so much better all the way around!