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January 7, 2011

Band Fill Video

Yesterday, I drove over to Cheyenne to get my band filled again. I am getting a lot of restriction on my band and currently only have 6 cc of fluid in there. She told me it was pushing pretty hard against her when I drank the barium. I can tell you that I definitely notice more restriction this time than I did last time. You can read about what the fill process is like by clicking this link.

I wanted to be able to show people what it was like as much as possible and you could actually see how the band works. They allowed me to use my cell phone to record the video of how my body handles food and drinks after I swallow them. First, I'll start with this picture of the band and port. It will help the video make a little more sense.  You see the darker part over my spine that curves down and to the right...that is the barium inside me.  The small part is the actual opening of my stomach and then you see it spread a bit once it goes through the banded section of my stomach.  Now watch the video below and you will see how it works.  I drink the fluid, you see it stop and fill my esophagus, then travel through the limited opening and spread through the stomach.  This is just liquid, so imagine how it works with food.  I was really surprised to see how small the opening actually is.  Anyway, I posted my 50 pounds weight loss on the 5th and this morning, I dropped another 1.5 so I think going to the gym definitely has the positive impact I'm looking for.  Have a fantastic weekend.