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January 24, 2011

Millennium Trilogy

   I love my Kindle.  If it weren't for the Kindle, I don't think I would read even a quarter of what I have in the past year.  Thankfully, my wife and I share our Kindles on one account so that we can both read the books we purchase.  She had heard many good things about the Millennium Trilogy and decided to get them.  If you aren't familiar with the stories, they are three novels written in Swedish by Stieg Larsson who died in 2004 after writing around 3/4 of a fourth book.  The stories focus on two main characters - Lisbeth Salander - an interesting/intriguing character who could be seen as eccentric and awkward socially who also has several piercings, several tattoos with hair dyed black.  Mikael Blomkvist is a journalist who publishes a magazine called Millennium and is fairly well known in Sweden.  I don't want to go too much into the story lines because you need to read the books.

   I will tell you a major theme is centered around violence to women.  Larsson was disgusted by domestic violence...when he was 15 when he witnessed a girl being gang raped and did nothing to help and never forgave himself for that.  There are a couple of scenes in the books that are pretty graphic in dealing with the issue.  The story focuses around Lisbeth from the time she is 13 through her mid 20's and includes other themes then just violence against women including prostitution, government and conspiracy and tries to uncover the truth about her past.  It is a good read all around and I would definitely recommend it, but taking into consideration that you are going read a few fairly graphic things.



shellycoulter said...

Thanks for letting me borrow your Kindle! I started this yesterday and had to force myself to go to bed! :)