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January 18, 2011

Taking It to the Limits

This weekend was not the best weekend I've had since I had my lap band put in. I have felt for some time that I can eat too much and went to have the band filled twice due to those feelings. I told Sandra that I want to eat like a small child. Until this weekend, I had never really pushed to see how far the band would really allow me to go.

You've probably heard jokes about a fat guy at a buffet. I know I've heard them and told them. This weekend, I was that guy. My small group got together on Sunday which is pretty normal. Since there was a bunch of football, we decided to watch and had people bring good football food...sausages, hot wings, chips, queso...all the good stuff. It is absolutely amazing how quickly you revert to your old habits. I just kept grabbing more and more food because it was so good!

The band finally told me to stop. Actually, it felt like it took my insides and twisted them up and tied my stomach into a giant knot to the point that it hurt to even drink water. I have taken my band to the limit and I did not like it at all. I managed to put a pound or so back on with my poor choices this weekend. It might be easier to lose with a band, but you can obviously get around it. I'm back at it now and determined to keep moving in the right direction.