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January 3, 2011

A Whole New Wardrobe

I'm something of a pack rat. It really drives Sandra crazy but I don't like to get rid of things because I might need them again at some point. This is especially true of my clothing. When I started the Lap Band journey, my pant size was up to 50x30 and was boring a 52" waist. I have been wearing 3x shirts for a number of years now. So every year when people would buy me clothing for Christmas, they would usually get things that had no real chance of fitting. I would graciously accept them and when I got home, they would make their way to the back of the closet with the tags left on them. Unless you are willing to pay high prices, you won't find many clothes that would fit someone this large outside of Walmart or Kmart. That is where almost all my clothing has been purchased for at least the last 3-5 years. Kmart was always the best for pants and Walmart would mark down the 3x polos every six months or so and I'd stock up. I could never bring myself to get rid of the clothes that didn't fit for some reason, no matter how many garage sales Sandra made us do.

When we were packing for our trip to Denver over Christmas, I decided to try on some of the old pants I'd saved. I looked through the piles and realized the smallest size I had saved had a 44" waist. I knew my current pants were definitely loose, but I didn't expect the 44 size to fit perfectly! I have about seven new pair of pants that I can wear again - at least four of those still have the tags on them. Knowing I was already that much lower in my pant size forced me (or maybe encouraged me) to try out the shirts. I went through all the shirts I'd stored away and pretty much have a brand new wardrobe. There are so many shirts that still had tags on them and many more that just hadn't seen daylight since my first son was born. I now have so many shirts and I'm excited to wear all this new gear.

The other weird thing that has changed since surgery is temperature...I can't handle it really cold anymore. For the first time since I was probably in my early teens, I want to wear slippers and sweatshirts. I'm sleeping with a down blanket on top of my comforter and there are times when Sandra gets hot and I'm still doing just fine. It is so weird to have all these changes taking place. I'm going again on Thursday to have another fill in the band. Hopefully it will give me the restriction I am looking for.


shellycoulter said...

That's awesome Jon! What a great feeling and so much fun to have more choices!

archerwyomrs said...

New wardrobes are fun! Can't wait to see less of you next time and by that I don't mean less hours spent together. Ha!