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February 9, 2011

Adventures with a Strong Willed Boy

   My Braeden is an amazingly sweet little boy...when he chooses to be.  There are times I am incredibly frustrated by him in ways I never thought a four year old could make me.  Last night was one of those nights.  Anyone who is a parent, I'm sure you've had the nights where you are just not interested in hearing a child complain about what's for dinner, or not watching a movie, or not getting to play with whatever toy at the dinner table.  Last night was my night, but I've been talking with Sandra about how we handle Braeden a lot and her advice really helps me...and it worked last night.

   He was upset over dinner and kept getting down, so finally, I just picked him up and took him to his room.  Yeah, he was even more upset about going to his room, but I kept my cool.  I simply told him that his behavior was not ok and that he could come back out when he was calm and ready to apologize and eat supper.  Did it work the very first time?  I wish.  I had to take him back at least two more times because he obviously still needed time to himself.  Finally, he stopped crying and apologized and came and ate.  By that time, it was just the two of us at the table.

   Other times, he is so easy going.  This morning, he was in our room when I got back from the gym and was just hanging out having a good time.  He wore his rocket pajamas last night so he told me stories about how he never went to sleep and instead he took his rocket ship to space and all about his adventures there.  We had a nice breakfast together and he got dressed without incident.  He's even been giving random hugs and kisses and telling me he loves me...that is usually the type of treatment mommy gets.

   I'm always so impressed at how amazing my wife is. She always does such a better job of keeping her cool when the kids aren't behaving than I do.  A couple weekends ago, she got to go hear Lisa Whelchel speak at a local church and part of her talk included parenting. If you don't know who she is, think Blair from The Facts of Life.  If you still don't know, look it up on Youtube like Sandra had to.  Anyway, she has written several books on parenting and speaks with Women of Faith pretty regularly.  One of her books is called Creative Correction and we picked up a copy from Amazon.  You can link to it from the title.  I'm really excited to go through this with Sandra and see if we can help find ways to help Braeden.  Once we are done, I'll post a review of the book.  If you are interested, grab a copy and read through it and then come back so we can share thoughts.