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February 22, 2011

Another Home Improvement

Our kitchen faucet is one of the typical models with a single temperature control lever and a side sprayer.  About a week ago, the hose on the sprayer decided to start blasting us with water every time we ran the thing.  It was making a huge mess so I did what most people would do...headed to Walmart to pick up a replacement.  I started the repair only to discover that the hose in my house is not a typical hose.  The one I bought had a standard 1/2" connection for the sprayer and then on the other end, it had a 3/8" connection.  The fixture on my house doesn't use a threaded nut at all.  I suppose it was my own fault for not checking it first.  

A couple Google searches and I knew that what I had was called a "circlip."  It is supposed to be easier to deal with because it is a straight tube and just has these two small plastic clips and a circular circle shaped ring that holds it together and you just snap it in place.  Good luck finding a replacement sprayer hose that has one though.  I struck out at Walmart so I checked a couple other local shops and thought for sure I'd have luck at the Home Depot, but I failed.  I headed to Lowes to give them a shot and I was fortunate enough to find one, only instead of an $8 replacement, it was now almost $40!  I could replace the entire faucet for not much more than I did!  I still had a gift card my sister gave me for my birthday to Home Depot, so Sandra and I looked at their options and brought one home.  It took about 90 minutes, including one trip over to Ace Hardware to get replacement water supply lines since my old ones were about 2-3" short.  I think it looks really nice.  It is a big change from what we had.  What do you think?