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February 17, 2011

Sandra's Valentine's Day

So yesterday I posted about what Sandra did for me for Valentine's Day.  It was pretty awesome, so if you didn't get a chance to read about it, check it out here.  I mentioned in that post that I had set up a scavenger hunt along with a couple of my friends, but that I would allow Sandra to tell of her own experience.  Maybe tomorrow I will write about how we got it all set up, but for now, here's her story!

Valentine’s Day and the sentiments attached – I love all that come my way.  And with a most loving husband, my kiddos (and my sweet girl who made me about a dozen valentines over the course of a few days), and friends bringing us cupcakes (thanks, Shelly and Eli!), I couldn't ask for more!

But boy, did I get more!  I love to tell the story!

Saturday afternoon, Jon, Anne (my mother-in-law) and I were sitting and chatting in our living room while listening to the kids play in their rooms.  I was sitting in our chair, right where I could see the front door and out the screen door window.  Suddenly Shelly came around the corner and to the door where I flagged her in (she and her husband, Matt, live right next door, and we see each other often, so it was not unusual at all for her to be coming by).  She looked at all of us and then asked me in a kind of unusual way if I wanted to take a ride with her.  I was slightly confused (didn't she see my mother-in-law was here visiting?), but then she explained that Matt told her to pick me up and we were to pick up Tammy.  Immediately a red flag popped up and I knew something was up!  Jon told me I better get going, so I did!  And off we went to pick up Tammy.

No sooner did we get to Tammy's porch when she was virtually shoved out the front door by her husband, Tod, who with a grin, told us to have fun!  We were all so confused!  And then he handed us an envelope.  Inside were four pictures of our husbands together and our first clue!  A scavenger hunt!  And off we went! (At this point Tammy remarked that she was just happy knowing they planned something - nothing more was needed!  I shared her sentiments!  It was just wonderful knowing they'd WANT to take the time planning something - for US!)

The Curiosity Shop!  We hopped in Shelly's van and headed downtown, parked, and walked in.  We were greeted and then asked, "Are you ladies doing a scavenger hunt?"  I think so?!  We showed her a picture of our husbands, she handed us an identical picture and gave us each a card with our names on it.  We opened the envelopes. Our husbands picked out a Valentines Day card for each of us.  So sweet!  Then the lady informed us she had another envelope for us.  The next clue!!

We opened the next clue, deciphered it quickly and ran outside (where one of the nice ladies from the Curiosity Shop offered to take our picture). 

The Chocolate Cellar!  I was SO excited for this stop. Jon knows my sweet tooth and knows it well!  I knew he'd know exactlywhat to get for me!  It was only around the corner and across the street, so we set off on foot.  We arrived and waited for a few moments while other customers were being helped (it seemed like they were taking forever, though in reality, I'm sure it was only a minute or two).  Finally, we got to show the clerk a picture of our handsome men.  And then, you guessed it, we each got a bag or box of some beautiful chocolates and our next clue! 


Next up:  The Copper Kettle, a sweet little kitchen shop downtown, also within walking distance.  When we arrived, the ladies there gushed about our romantic husbands and made us feel SO special!  They handed each of us beautifully wrapped boxes with bows on them and sent us on our way with the next clue.       

 And then, The Sensuous She, a lingerie-type store nearby (ooh la la!), where we recieved our sweet gifts (and the lady asked if we could clone our husbands!).  The next clue we received was very hard to decipher (tell me if you would have gotten it quickly - it was hard!)! 

Did you figure it out?!  Bath and Body Works!  We arrived, handed the clerk our last picture, and received our sweet smelling gifts all wrapped in pretty bags.  I asked if there were any more clues and there were none!  After all this excitement, all the suspense, a face that hurt from all the smiling, and feeling like a princess and proud to have a husband like mine, I didn't want it to be over!  And I wasn't to be disappointed.  :)  No sooner did we walk out the door that we saw them!

Jon, Matt, and Tod were following us the whole time!  Those sneaky men!   Romantic, sneaky men!

After this wonderful surprise, we all went to dinner together at Lovejoys where we talked all about the planning, the sneaky meetings to create the clues, the time it took to go to all the stores and pick out the perfect gifts, and of course, just how wonderful these men of ours were.

This topped all Velentines days past.  It's always been a special holiday, but they went to so much trouble to show us how special we were to them.  It was a perfect day, and so wonderful to share it with friends!

Oh, and if you'd like to see what my gift to Jon was for Valentines Day (it was no scavenger hunt, to be sure!  But it came from my heart!) you can visit Jon's blog here.


Life with Kaishon said...

I loved reading this. It reminded me of being in college. Those are the fun sort of things we used to do for our boyfriends in college. I love it. Glad you had fun! Super glad you have such beautiful love in your life. So nice to meet you both today.